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1.   What is the Milford Knights Travel Basketball Program?

The Milford Knights Travel Basketball Program is designed to develop and prepare players for High School basketball.  It is a program for those players and families that want more than the recreation level offers.


2.  What teams do the Milford Knights offer?

The Milford Knights offer both a boys and girls division from grades 4th through 8th grade.  In the girls division there is one team per grade while with the boys there are two teams per grade.


3.  How are the teams formed?

Due to the popularity of the program, try outs are needed to determine the teams.  Unfortunately, not every player makes his or her desired team.  The try outs are held in the beginning of September and teams are established the end of September in order for the players that do not make a Knights team to have enough time to sign up for the Milford Recreation league.


4.  How many try out sessions do I need to attend to be eligible?

Players only need to attend one of the three try out sessions to be eligible to make a team but it is our recommendation to attend as many as possible to give your son or daughter the best opportunity to make his or her team.


5.  Who selects the teams?

The Head Coach of his or her team makes the ultimate decision on who makes the team.  Every year it is considered a clean slate and even players that played the year before must try out.  It is quite possible that a player that was on the team last year may not make the team this coming year.


6.  What is travel basketball?

Travel basketball is town based and it is for players that are looking for a more challenging program than the local recreation leagues offer.  Travel basketball has come a long way over the recent years and the level of play is quite high.  Our Milford Knights program competes against other area towns.


7.  What is the commitment to playing on a Milford Knights team?

The season starts up in the end of October and runs to the end of March.  Teams play on Saturdays and Sundays mostly in Milford but there are also away games and tournaments.  4th and 5th grade teams play around 35 games and 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams play closer to 50 games.  All teams practice twice a week here in Milford with practices lasting 1.5 hours.  There are times when a team may have two games on one weekend day.


8.  What is the cost for playing on one of the Milford Knights teams?

The Milford Knights program looks to keep the cost of the program down as best as we can.  When comparing to other travel/premier sports or AAU programs which cost potentially thousands of dollars we feel our players receive a great value with our program costing $350.  That price includes a full uniform (reversible top, bottom and shooting shirt), 35 to 50 refereed games, 3 to 4 tournaments and close to 50 practices.


9.  How do I sign up or register?

Before arriving to try outs, you will need to print out, sign and bring with you the Milford Knights waiver form which could be found on our website in the document files.  Once teams are established you will be asked to pay online.


10.  What leagues do the Milford Knights play in?

The Milford Knights play in two leagues.  The FCBL (Fairfield County Basketball League) as well as the Milford Travel Basketball League which is hosted here in Milford which many of the local town travel teams play in.


11.  Where are the home games played for the Milford Knights?

The majority of our games are played at the Parsons complex here in Milford but we also play games at Foran High School, Jonathan Law High School as well as some of our 4th grade games being played at the Margaret Egan Center.


12.  What tournaments do the Milford Knights play in?

The Head Coach of each team determines what tournaments they will play in but all Milford Knights teams play in the Pre-Season Milford League Tournament as well as the end of the year Hoopfest Tournament which is also played here in Milford.  The Hoopfest tournament draws close to 300 travel teams coming from as far as New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  It has become the biggest youth travel tournament in Connecticut.


13.  Do all players get equal playing time?

The Milford Knights Basketball Program is a travel program competing against other towns travel teams.  There is no guarantee of playing time in travel basketball.  Every Head Coach will do their best to get everyone in and has much playing time as possible but there will be some players on the team that will be getting more playing time than others.  There will be some games that your son or daughter will play more or less than the other games but the Head Coach is doing their best to compete against the other team.  There is 3 hours of practice time per week that the coach is working on player development but the games might not be a vehicle used for player development.  As mentioned before the level of basketball is high and some player’s skill level maybe higher than others.  Making a Milford Knights team is a great accomplishment and we feel it puts your daughter or son on a path to play High School basketball.


14.  Can a 3rd Grader try out for the 4th Grade team?

Yes, a 3rd grader can try out and make the 4th grade team whether it is girls or boys team.  There is no guarantee and they have to make the team just like any other player and ultimately, it is up to the Head Coach in who makes the team.